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Thank you for visiting the IMS Health website, the nation’s number 1 provider of certified high quality health products and medication. Certified by the national medication board as well as the centre for holistic and alternative medicine, we are truly the leader when it comes to quick supplies of essential medicine.

With over 125 years combined experience in the field of medicine, IMS Health Online has an enormous well of knowledge to bank on when it matters. We care for your welfare.
IMS Health Online is also one of the only health product suppliers with a nationwide same and next day delivery network via our more than 150 delivery stations, spread via all major cities.
Our own research lab, IMS Health Online doesn’t just rely on information sent to us by suppliers but also the information that we find from our own labs research programs.

Who we are

At IMS Health Online we are a group of very experienced doctors, pharmacists and nurses, ready to consult you over the phone, email and chat. Not feeling well and need a consultation, but don’t feel like going to the doctor’s office and waiting in line? Our team will look after you and make sure you feel better as soon as possible. With our team’s exceptional prescription network, we are able to get you seen and medicated far quicker than most practices.
Don’t want to medicate and would like to explore the alternatives to your day to day medication? That’s also no problem because the IMS Health Online alternative healing team will be glad to assist you in just that. We have specialists in alternative healing methods such as reiki and homeopathy.

Our Mission

At IMS Health Online we are committed 100% to making you feel well, no matter if that should be by consulting you on your illness, or prescribing you some medicine, we got you covered.
We also believe in using alternative methods and products wherever possible, as to lower the impact on your system that adding foreign bodies can have. With all these beliefs we are convinced that we can provide you with the level of service you deserve to get. A service that makes you feel better on every level, and that lets you carry on with your day to day life no matter what your medical condition may be.

Thank you for visiting the IMS Health Online website, and please feel free to explore some of our other pages!